One Tourist One Tree


Treeism Foundation is reaching the most attractive tourist destinations of Bangladesh, trying to convey the message of responsible tourism among the tourists and engaging them in practicing sustainable tourism.  

Tourism is a widespread profitable business across the world that carries some adversity towards the nature. The thirst for the profit from this business leads the world showing its unpleasant face towards nature.  “One Tourist One Tree” is one of the significant slogans among many others. No matter how vigilant a tourist remains while visiting a new place; s/he ends up damaging nature anyway. Thus, some initiatives can be taken to reduce the amount of damage caused by the tourist across the world, though retrieving nature from its total loss seems implausible.  Besides, they have to take some liabilities to fill up the damage and we believe they can do that quite exquisitely by planting a single tree, which can rid them from such liabilities of nature.