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:: Treeism --------------------------------

Treeism Foundation is a youth-dreamt, youth-led, youth-driven Bangladeshi organization aiming at creating a mass awareness on environmental sustainability. With having 300 dedicated volunteers, Treeism is working to provide environmental education to the school going children and re-greening the environment through massive plantation.

Treeism Foundation started its journey with a commitment to provide environmental education to at least 10 million school-going children and plant 10 million trees by the year of 2025. Where our environment is going under stress, Treeism is trying to repair this situation through the best way from now to the next generations.


Why Environmental Education

We believe complexity of the environment is not created by nature but by the neglectful tendency of the society. The social attitude toward the environment is becoming uncooperative day by day. We are claiming ourselves more civilized in these modern days while creating a big distance from nature. Treeism believes, this global problem can be solved only through engaging the children directly into the environmental movement and plantation. Our dream is to build environmental wisdom into the mind of the school going children and build them as environment leaders.


:: What We Do ----------------------

One Student One Tree
We are bringing the all the school going children of Bangladesh under one green-umbrella. We are reaching them at their schools, trying to unite them in the question of environment. To engage the entire student group to "One Student One Tree" campaign, every student of the target schools will gradually be involved in this peaceful green movement.
One Tourist One Tree
Treeism Foundation is reaching the most attractive tourist destinations of Bangladesh, trying to convey the message of responsible tourism among the tourists and engaging them in practicing sustainable tourism.
One Employee One Tree
For ensuring greener and cleaner environment, we have planned to bring 1.4 million government employees of Bangladesh gradually under one green-umbrella in the first phase, and later, millions of employees of the private sector in course of 10 year time period. To engage the entire population of this segment to our movement, every employee of both the public and private sector will eventually be involved in this campaign.
Green Clubs
This project works for providing environmental education and training to the school going children. The project aims to involve the school going children of different districts of the country to increase their ability to understand, protect and preserve the environment. The project includes some advocacy work to ensure the school authority participation and support to this project.
Clean Campus Green Campus
The program includes cleaning the school campus and planting trees around the school area engaging the school students. It builds sense of responsibilities to the environment among the students. We pick some volunteers from the students and along with them we clean their school area by collecting the debris and non-disposable items such as plastics and poly bags from the fields. We believe self cleanliness leads them to be a responsible citizen in future.
Search and plant
Search and Plant is a program that is designed to replant the trees that have been cut down for different reasons in recent years. It aims at greening a specific region and promoting eco-awareness for a greener society and bringing a balance of tree count. In this program we search for a zone e.g. village, small town; conduct a baseline survey and determine the type of trees need to replant.
Volunteer Tourism
This contemporary world has been introduced with a new term named “ Votuntourism or Volunteer Tourism”. That means – when tourists pay visit to a destination or a country, they do something great according to the needs of that certain place’s culture, society and nature. Treeism Foundation is a pioneer in working on Volunteer Tourism in Bangladesh.
Urban Greening
This project aims to engage urban people in protecting environment. Urban area of Bangladesh is growing fast. As population is increasing in urban areas, more natural resources are being used every day in the name of development. As a result quality of the urban environment is deteriorating directly and indirectly though various anthropogenic. We believe, for a better urban life we need more grace of nature in our life. We want to unite the urban citizen especially youth into this project to make the cities cleaner and greener.


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