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Category: Blog Published: Thursday, 18 June 2015

Tourism is a widespread profitable business across the world that carries some adversity towards the nature. The thirst for the profit from this business leads the world showing its unpleasant face towards nature. Previously, I have talked about “Responsible Tourism”, now this contemporary world has been introduced with a new term named “ Votuntourism or Volunteer Tourism”. That means – when tourists pay visit to a new place or a country, they do something great according to the needs of that certain place’s culture, society and nature. Let me take an example from world cup football

where Japanese fans cleaned up all the rubbish from the gallery while leaving that place, even after their team defeated to Ivory Coastin that very day. A defeat, therefore, couldn’t restrain them from doing that noble deed.

“Treeism Foundation” is a non-profit organization that has been established to create awareness among the school going children to know the importance of plantation. Hence, this organization has started its journey with the enormous support of my thirty students, knowing about this non-profit organization.  “One Tourist One Tree” is one of the significant slogans among many others. No matter how vigilant a tourist remains while visiting a new place; s/he ends up damaging nature anyway. Thus, some initiatives can be taken to reduce the amount of damage caused by the touristacross the world, though retrieving nature from its total loss seems implausible.  Besides, they have to take some liabilities to fill up the damage and we believe they can do that quite exquisitely by planting a single tree, which can rid them from such liabilities of nature.

To justify our ” One Tourist One Tree” catchphrase, we set off our journey the very first day of this year 2015 to Raangamaati to introduce the idea of “Volunteer Tourism”.  We have started our mission by spreading and planting two hundred plants among the students of two local schools named “ Puranpara Government Primary School” and “RangamaatiBiddaniketon”, introducing them with the significance of plantation and nature. Consequently, we have experienced huge success in the presence of those little, overjoyed planters, and their mentors, even a high ranked government official who rushed to the spot hearing about our effort.

By scrutinizing our first attempt towards “ Volunteer Tourism”, it will not be an exaggeration saying that people from Bangladesh can surely accelerate this movement by helping tourist to plant a tree whenever they visit our country.

Alongside, my earnest request to all the tourist of Rangamaati, is – if you are planning to visit Rangamati, we will appreciate your visit to the local nursery named” Pouro Nursery and Tub House” to collect a tree and plant some nearby places where it will be taken care of.  Our organization will pay for that of your precious plant on your behalf.

Translated by: Israt Jahan

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